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Australia's Undergraduate Satellite Project

The Basic Low Earth Orbit UNSW Experimental Satellite (BLUEsat) project is a chance for undergraduate students at the University of New South Wales to engineer the impossible. The goal of the project is to create an entirely undergraduate built satellite bus, capable of carrying an experimental payload into LEO.

Thanks to our kind sponsors below the project is well on its way. In April 2014 we will fly the satellite on a stratospheric weather balloon from Wagga Wagga. This final test will prove the hardware and software our team has built in a near space environment and culminate this stage of the BLUEsat project.

BLUEsat is part of the Australian Centre for Space Engineering Research at UNSW and is dedicated to gathering support for space capabilities at an undergraduate level.

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News Update - Successful Warrawal Presentation

On Tuesday June 25th BLUEsat was presented to the Warrawal Consortium at UNSW and has been offically declared complete by the terms of our contract with the Space Policy Unit. The satellite powers itself, recieves DTMF commands, transmits telemetry packets and beacon signals and we enjoyed showing it off.

Stay tuned for more news about our launch.

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